Golfers' feedback regarding Toowap

Here is some feedback from people who have tried or bought the Toowap.


Monica Dibildox Hassaf, Mexican Team of Evian Masters Junior Cup 2012

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Nino Ourabah, Handigolf France Captain

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Benoît Maurin, PGA pro

"I adopted the Toowap because it allows me to interpret the course data of my students through Google earth.

One can trace the entire path taken as well as the distances and strokes. Also, it allows me to calibrate accurately the distances of my students. Using data on the depth and width of the greens, one can determine how one will best play the shots instantly.

Toowap, a teaching but also a personal tool, as I take it with me everywhere when I play with friends and at tournaments ... "

Heath Henrich, Pro Professional à Punta Cana

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Tarav Badhwar, Project Manager at Grow the Game of Golf

"Toowap is a good system to keep track of the yardage system from anywhere on the course. I would personally like to have one !"


Michel C., 56 , Handicap 15

When I saw Toowap for the first time, I loved its design. When I used it on a course, I finally understood why I was often too short in my approach: I thought I was closer to the green than indicated on the Toowap screen. Thanks to Toowap, I always made the right choice and gained 3 or 4 shots!


Maxence, 10, No ranking

I would love to be ranked! With Toowap, I am happy because I know the distances of my shots and it motivates me to try to do better each time. I hope to be quickly ranked! It makes also my dad happy because with Toowap, I always repair my divots!


Isabelle H., 43, Handicap 24

I have never thought of buying a range-finder because I didn’t see the use at my level. I have tried a pink Toowap and found this tool aesthetically pleasing and small. I could take it out of my pocket very easily. To my surprise, I quickly got hooked and started to measure my drive distances. I regularly loose points because of my approach game and Toowap helped me.


Clément T., 26 , Handicap 8

I never bought a range-finder because it’s too expensive, but not knowing your exact distances on each hole was a real problem for me. Thanks to Toowap, I am even more precise and I hope to improve a little bit my Handicap!