The Apocalypse TRIBE WARFARE

Tribes will have seperate dinos and pincoded chests so people will not steal others items/dinos!

Offline Raiding will be a thing of the past, since there will/should be someone always on to defend!

Huge PVP fights and HUGE base sieges on an unseen level!

MAX Dino Level 30 - NO OP Birds/Guns will be useful

Auto Turrets limited to 5 per tribe (Capital Bases Only)

Quetz and Giga not to be used for PVP or Base Defense (can be used for farming)

Restarts Every 6 hours (06:00, 12:00, 18:00 and 00:00 Central European Time)

TRIBES will have ONE MAIN VAULT within their CAPITAL

This will contain an ULTRA Rare ITEM that is the OTHER MAIN TRIBES ULTIMATE GOAL

Gain this ULTRA Rare Item from the other Tribe to Wipe them out! (Vaults will spawn in with the item 1 week into the uptime when the captial bases have been constructed)

The Apocalypse!

You can contact us by email or ingame. See whitelist application for list of administrators

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